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Honeymoon, Nova Scotia, Day 6

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On the night of Day 5 into Day 6, we stayed at a small place along the beach. Here's a view outside our window that morning.

For our morning walk we opted for the stroll along the beach. How romantic.

It was fun playing near the water's edge, trying to determine with each new wave how far up the ocean would reach.

The morning mist was rising out of the mountains around us. It was pretty neat.

We walked to the end of the beach, which oddly enough, was a place where the sand just dissappeared into rock and grass.

Even though the people of Nova Scotia are generally a simple and kind folk, there are also wealthy Canadians and Americans who have places here. This was one of them we saw.

We also visited (albeit very quickly and as if we knew what we were doing) the Keltic Lodge. It's basically a get away for the extremely rich.

When we left the Ingonish area, we drove until we left Cape Breton Island.

As we took some back coastal roads to get to our next hotel, we were lucky enough to experience taking a ferry across a bay (instead of taking the hour long drive around it).

The ferry was a little different than what I had experienced in Buenie, this one made such a straight path from point A to B, that I'm pretty sure it was running along some sort of underwater cable.

The next place we stayed was a resort next to a river where a family could've probably stayed a whole week. We only stayed one night, but since all these extra activities were included in our costs, we took the time to go out paddleboating.

Here's a shot of our cabin.

Here's the view from the porch. We had had a long day of driving, so we just relaxed a lot.


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