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Honeymoon, Nova Scotia, Day 7

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Day 7 started off with a bunch of driving as when continued our journey from Cape Breton to Lunenburg.

Along the way we stopped in Halifax, the main metropolis of Nova Scotia. It was an interesting city. It sort of had a rough industrial edge to it, while still being in essence Canadian. This was a ship we saw sailing in the harbour.

After stopping off at various antique shops along the way, we arrived in Lunenburg in the late afternoon. One of the main reasons we wanted to go to Lunenburg was to see the Bluenose II, the ship on the back side of a Canadian dime. Fortunately, the room where we stayed overlooked its dock and we decided as our eveing walk to go down and see it.

It was a beautiful evening and the boats in the harbour looked glorious.

Here she is, the Bluenose II. She actually was laid up in her home port because of a mast that broke in a recent storm.

AT first all we did was stand up on the dock and look down at her. But to our fortune, a tour group arrived on the scene and they let us all down onto the boat for free. Up til then we were trying to decide whether we should pay the $40/person to take a ride the next morning. But this free tour was more than enough (especially since the broken mast meant that they'd be using an engine to take her out).

Here are some of the things we saw on board.

Click on the image above to see a large shot of the whole boat.

Let me again iterate how beautiful a night it was. The sunset was spectacular!

It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Here's the view from the dock toward the city. All of the houses were so colorful.

After touring the Bluenose II, we walked around the bay to the golf course on the other side. I decided to take advantage of the awesome background to accent the beauty of the model.

Here's the two of us. What you can't see is that in racing to beat the timer on the camera, I just stubbed my toe on the slippery rock. Smile!

OK, so technically, yes, it's a seagull, not a chicken, in a hat, but we felt it needed to be documented.

When we got back from our walk, we decided to get some ice cream at the shop across from our room. When I got in there and started lookig at the selection, my taste buds faced a dilemma. I wanted chocolate but the idea of an orange sherbet was calling just as strong. Then I saw it: Orange Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips. Oh my god, it was unbelievable.

ON TO THE NEXT -- wait. We didn't take any pictures the next day. So I'll just tell you about it.

The next day was Day 8, and after 8 days we were getting beat. So we spent the day walking around and touring Lunenburg and it's chruches and historical thingies. For dinner we went to a small little Irish pub. Then we came back to our room and packed.

On Day 9 we headed back to the airport. Paranoid that we'd get caught in Halifax traffic or that something else would go wrong, we ended up arriving at the airport like 5 hours early. So we just decompressed from our trip until our flight left. Yea! THE END.

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