The Works of Eric Errthum

Mathematical Texts

  • Slides from my talk on Gross's paper "Heights and the Special Values of L-Series" - (Spring 2005)
  • My Topology Take-Home Final WARNING: Errors May Exist - (Fall 2003)

  • Slides from my presentation: Bilinear Pairings in Cryptography - (Fall 2003)

  • A Survey of the Dynamical Approaches to the 3n+1 Problem - (Spring 2003)

  • (The slides to the corresponding presentation can be found here. WARNING: These slides are image heavy.)
  • Weil Pairing vs. Tate Pairing in IBE Systems - (Summer 2002)

  • Manifolds - (Spring 2002)

  • History of Mathematics Essays - (Summer 2001)

  • Introduction to Philosophy Papers
    (Spring 2000)

  • The Free Will Computer
  • The Self-Consistency and Independence of the Mind and Body
  • Physicalism

  • Interpretation of Literature Papers
    (Fall 1999)

  • Autobiography of the Reader
  • Left-Brained Poetry
  • Fate vs. Free-Will (In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein")
  • A List of Onomatopoeia Words
  • Excerpt from Act I, Scene I of a play inspired by Jorge Borges’s “The Secret Miracle”
  • Untitled
  • The Chance Meetings of Prospero and Dr. Frankenstein

  • To see some old miscellaneous documents from long ago, click HERE.