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Honeymoon, Nova Scotia, Day 2

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The next day, after antiquing at a few shops, we drove to Margaree Valley via scenic routes. There's a lot of weird things about driving in Canada. As you can see, some of the street lights are weird. But also a lot of the signs and road markings are slightly different. However, I loved the metric system. I got to go 110 km/h!

Our scenic drive took us along some interesting areas where farmland ran right up to the ocean. There were fields on the tops of steep cliffs. I couldn't imagine driving a tractor on the steep overhanging slopes. Anyway, there were low-laying areas, too, that were beautiful. These two shots are examples.

This is our rental car: a Toyota Echo.

Kate and I capture each other.

We stopped at Cape George and climbed a ridge to an old lighthouse. These are some of the views from the ridge.

Kate stands next to the Cape George Lighthouse.

Kate on the lawn next to the lighthouse.

This was our first preview of the beauty that was to come in the following days.


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