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While I was home for two weeks at the beginning of August, Kate and I went to her family reunion in Kentucky. It was held at the northern tip of the Land Between the Lakes. Here's Kate enjoying some canoeing.

I was also enjoying the canoe.

There were a lot of cool sailboats there.

During their free time at the reunion, Kate's dad and brothers played their instruments. They are excellent musicians. It was not uncommon for a bunch of the relatives to come over in the evening and they'd all just jam and hang out. I think we had a total of something like 2 banjos, 3 or 4 acoustic guitars, an electric guitar, and a full drum set.

Then I was best man at Chris and Kim's wedding. You can see those pictures here.

For my last week of vacation, Kate took me up to Okoboji Lake in northwest Iowa. Her great-great-grandfather built a cabin on one of the lakes up there and it has been passed down through the generations. Kate's family shares the cabin and the small plot with a couple other families as a vacation spot throughout the summer. Christy Point is by far the most ideal spot on the lake, as it sticks out into the water. No land-based picture can capture this arrangement, so I found this aerial picture on the web.

Here's a picture of Christy Point from across the small bay.

Here's a picture of the lawn around the cabin.

For 4 nights and 4 days, we just relaxed. I fished and ate and slept and skiied (got up on the 6th try ever) and ate and fished and walked and fished and fished and fished.

So the natural question is: With all that fishing, did you catch anything? Yes and no. On only my third cast, something big struck my lure. In the excitement of the moment, I failed to call for a net. I was completely unprepared for such a catch. As I tried to bring the 14" bass out of the water, he snapped my line and got away. Filled with a belief that the waters were teaming with good fish, I went and got some new lures and tried again the next day. When a fish struck this time, I was ready with the net. Again, it was a nice sized fish; a large blue gill I think. But as I tried to manuever the net under the fish, he slipped off the hook. So I fished some more. Finally I was able to do it all the right way and landed this 7" blue gill. It was the first and only fish I caught at Christy Point, hopefully not my last. My time there was no doubt the most relaxing four days I've ever had.

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