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Chris and Kim's Wedding

Always a best man, never a bride....

Kim and her dad relax before the ceremony.

The magistrate said some things.

Then he said some more.

Then I gave Chris the ring.

Then the couple exchanged some vows or something.

Then they were married!!! Yea!!!!!!!

There goes Kate.

Kim's brother, Clint, was the, uh, bride's maid. After the ceremony, he and I released the people from their seats. His side was really good about waiting for him to give the gesture. My side was always getting up before I'd tell them to. I wonder what that says about the different families....

There I am again!

At the reception, I gave a toast. I also came this close to announcing my intentions for running for govenor of California.

Kate and I got to sit at the head table. It was pretty cool.

And then there was dancing. They hired a live band for the reception. Here we see the new happy couple dancing to the first song.

Luke didn't want to dance and so Jeremy and I had to carry him out onto the floor by force.

He seemed to like it well enough once we were out there. I think he was just scared of me because of the whole dancing in London experience.

Kate and I dancing. We both looked very good that night.

My mom joined Chris and I on the dance floor for a while and cut a rug.

The bride and brother having fun on the dance floor.

Though the picture doesn't show it very well, here is Chris doing his Mick Jagger impersonation out on the dance floor. It was hilarious.

For the record, in attendance was:

Me and Kate

Kate and Luke

Bill and Beth

Rose and Jeremy

Rachel and her mom

Shelly, Julie, Matt, and Beth's evil twin sister Chloe.

Finally, the brothers of the happy couple. On the left is Kim's brother Clint, on the right Chris's brother Chad.

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