Stephen King's Dark Tower Series

These backgrounds have been made from images relating to Stephen King's epic series 'The Dark Tower'. I take no credit for the original art, and hence the named artist in each section. However, many of the images below are NOT direct copies of the original pieces. Many of the images I found had significant gaps, a result of being laid across the spread of a book. In such instances I took the liberty to fill in the blanks to the best of my ability. In other cases where the images were too small or of the wrong dimensions suitable for a desktop background, I tried my best to arrange it with another image, resulting in the composite images below. In either case, please do not let my artistic inadequecies reflect poorly on the original (and extremely talented) artists.

The Gunslinger
Art by: Michael Whelan

The Drawing of the Three
Art by: Phil Hale

The Wastelands
Art by: Ned Dameron

Wizards and Glass
Art by: Dave McKean

The Little Sisters of Eluria
Art by: Michael Whelan & Erik Wilson

The Wolves of the Calla
Art by: Bernie Wrightson

The Song of Susannah
Art by: Darrel Anderson

To come...
'The Dark Tower' with art by Michael Whelan