My Six Degrees of Separation

There is a popular social theory out there that every person knows every other person through at most six degrees of separation. That said, I have always kept an open ear for how I might be connected to famous people. Given below are the connections I have found so far. If you know me, and know of a chain to someone famous starting with you, email me and you'll be added to the table below.

Eric Errthum
Arthur Clarke Nichols II
Kate Nichols
Melvin Currie
Jason Hough
Doug Nichols
Arthur Clarke Nichols
William Christy Phillips
Jennifer Carlson
Melvin Currie's Colleague
Rock Group, Local H
Jim Gibbons
32nd U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt
40th U.S. President, Ronald Reagan
Jennifer Carlson's Co-Worker
Noble Prize Winner, John Nash
Olympic Gold Winner and University of Iowa Wrestling coach, Dan Gable
41st U.S. President, George Herbert Walker Bush
Rapper, Snoop Dawg
43rd U.S. President, George W. Bush

Eric Errthum
Allison Clayton
Graham Sleight
Her friend Larissa
Her Mom
Her friend Heather
Cousin Royce
Lord and Lady Hylton
Musician, Mick Jagger
TV Reporter, Diane Sawyer
Actress Margaret Hamilton
(Wicked Witch from 
'Wizard of Oz')
Musical Group, House of Pain
Musician, Tom Petty
Prime Minister of Britian, Tony Blair

Eric Errthum
Luke Gutzwiller
Brian Davis
Jane H.
Colleague Debbie
Friend Brian
His Mother
Football player he tutored
Unnamed friend
Michael Brin
Her Father
Astronomer, Carl Sagan
Her Boss
Tory Holt
Musical Group, Creed
Co-inventor of, Sergey Brin
Democratic Presidental Candidate and Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean
Cast of 'Law and Order'
NFL Quarterback, Kurt Warner

Eric Errthum
Brett Errthum
Heather Errthum
Matt Meyer
Dated Carey
College Roommate
Akira Hiyama
Friend Shanda
Her Mom
Dennis Murren
Actor Matt Damon
Actor Ben Affleck
Hillary Clinton
'Star Wars' creator, George Lucas
Director Stephen Speilberg
Actor Harrison Ford
42nd U.S. President, Bill Clinton

Eric Errthum
Julie Rubly
Amanda F.
Matt K.
Dianne L.
Her Dad
4th Cousin T.J. Rubley
Her Sister
His X-girlfriend
Her nephew, Nathan B.
Former Vice-President, Al Gore
Wife Jennifer Flavin
Dated the Cousin of
Knew a girl who appeared
on 'Girls Gone Wild'.
Ted Kennedy
Sister Julie
NBA Star Kobe Bryant
35th U.S. President, John F. Kennedy
Husband Actor Sylvester Stallone

Eric Errthum
Sensei Leon Swain
Christian Zorn
Aron Wall
His son, actor/comedian Tommy Davidson
His Mom
His Dad
His Dad, Larry Wall, Inventor of Perl
Her First Husband, Mayor of Parma, OH
Played on football team with Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel
Democratic Presidential Candidate and Representative from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich

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