1990 Ford Probe
A Tribute

Beautiful from every direction, glorious from every angle,

Your curves were like muses singing your praise.

Every detail splendid, every corner spectacular,

Your soul was ever inviting and you were always willing to offer a ride or help with the load.

You had a heart of gold and rarely did it faulter.

You always knew who you were and never forsaked your roots.

You made driving enjoyable and fun, while never leading me into harms way.

Though not perfect when you first came to me, you  excelled in your devotion and steadfastness.

Day and night, you guided me.

Early on, you showed signs of the cancer that would someday consume you, but your strength carried you forth.

But it grew worse and worse each year.

The day came when you, too, knew that it was no longer safe for you to carry me. You started soundly that day, unafraid of your destiny. You neither fought nor balked as we drove together for the last time. 

When we arrived at your final destination, we said our good-byes and quietly parted ways.

Though our many miles together on this Earth have past, forever I will drive you in my heart.


1990 - 2003