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Honeymoon, Nova Scotia, Day 1

We arrived at the Halifax Airport mid-afternoon and rented a car. We headed towards Pictou, a small port town on the north side, for a one-night stop over.

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The clouds were absolutely stunning on our drive.

Here's Pictou from across the bay. It was a small, quaint town that doesn't see many tourists.

Our room at the Evening Sail B&B was very nice. Especially compared to the recent trouble we had with our B&B in Vermont.

That evening we took a walk through the town and along the shoreline. Here were some of the sites.

The old passenger ship, the Hector

Kate and I take each other's picture on the dock with the Hector behind us.

Kate examines the rocky beach along the shoreline.

After the walk we went to a show that featured old guys playing guitars, and high-schoolers and kindergarteners dancing traditional Irish jigs. It was then that I compared Nova Scotia to Branson, MO.


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