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Errthum Christmas, December 2004

We arrived at my parents' house on the 26th after a week with the Kate's family.

Kate on the wood pile

My mom posing next to my dad's ultralight. More on that later.

Kate and I (and Misty) with the runway in the background.

Dad with the nice Nothern Pikes he caught ice fishing. The largest measured 33 inches.

Mom took us on a tour of the cemetaries in the area so we could gather some genealogy info. Here are some of the churches we saw. I've begun to appreciate the churches a lot more lately, now that I'm not from an area that has one every five miles.

New Vienna, St. Boniface

Petersburg, Ss. Peter and Paul

Holy Cross

My nephew Sam and I hang out near the house.

As a gift, Brett had gotten one of those toy helicopters you see people selling in the mall. Something broke on it on every time we flew it.

Dad and Olive play catch while we're outside.

Brett's Family.

Troys's Family.

Eric's Family.

A Three Generations Shot.

The Whole Family (to come).

Dad and Tanner chill out before the mass present opening.

Tanner with his new Terps shirt.

Sam gives the thug pose with his new coin-eating bankasaurus.

The Family Man

Tanner claims the annual Errthum wrestling crown.

Sam with cookie.

Sam with another cookie, now chasing the dog.

All of the grandsons got a grand finale present: blankets that Mom had assembled.

Then we all headed outside to see Dad fly his ultralight. On the way, Trevor makes a quick stop at Mom's bus.

Sam really looks up to me. Literally.

Sam anxiously waits for his Grnadpa to take flight.

Dad guestures to the sky after Brett asks, "Where do you think you're going?"

The Pilot

"Clear prop!"

"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads."

Dad goes to the opposite end of the runway before taking off.

The peanut gallery looks on with anticipation.

Before we know it, he's airborn!

Dad comes in for the landing.

The flight is a success. All are extremely impressed. I know I'm looking forward to going up with him as soon as he gets some more experience.

Dad brings her in.

Travis and Trevor get their pictures taken with their Grandpa.

We all want our pictures taken with the pilot.

Except Sam. He's afraid Grandpa will fly off with him.

Troy and I check out the instrument panel.

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