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New York City Trip

In case you missed it, here's the first day in NYC.

Here I am in the New York Subway system. Let me take this moment to explain my outfit. It was cold and rainy while we were in NYC. At the same time, I wanted a lot of pockets for all the different stuff I had to carry around, hence the pants. Next, the yellow coat is all I really have since I ripped my nice black one. And as for the hat, I like it. Deal with it.

Compared to the Washington, DC Metro System, the NYC Subway is a piece of crap. Everything is so dirty and nasty. The subway system is nearly 100 years old and it sure looks the part. Maybe part of the problem is the fact that the trains run 24 hours a day, leaving no downtime to clean the stations. Either that, or NY just sucks.

After a delightful subway ride down to the lower part of Manhattan island, we stepped out into the rain and headed for the famous Pier 17. This is the NYC what the inner harbor is to Baltimore. There's a few big masted ships with skyscrapers in the background and lots of touristy shops. Since it was raining, the place was pretty dead.

Click on this picture for a bigger one of Pier 17.

Also, from Pier 17, we could see the whole Brooklyn Bridge. Click on this picture for a bigger one of the Brooklyn Bridge.

After Pier 17, we took a walk down Wall St. This is the view looking down Wall St. It's really not that long of a street. You can even see in this picture that it ends with a church (which I thought was kind of ironic).

This was some sort of indoor gazebo meeting area along Wall St. It was pretty neat.

Looking up on one of the buildings along Wall St.

Near the end of Wall St. is this statue, commemorating the place where George Washington was sworn into office. There sure is a lot of history in NYC.

At the very southern tip of Manhattan is Battery Park where you can look off at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Recently, they added this sculpture to the park. Originally it was a large circular ball on a stand and it was located in one of the World Trade Towers. They pulled it from the rubble and placed it here as a memorial.

There's also this weird memorial in Battery Park commemorating the soldiers who had lost their lives there during the Revolutionary War.

Here's Kate with the Statue of Liberty in the background. It was REALLY hazing and rainy that day so the statue was hard to see.

The Statue of Liberty.

Ellis Island.

From Battery Park we walked a few blocks to Ground Zero. This is a huge building that stands next to Ground Zero. It was so damaged in the attacks that now the whole thing is wrapped in a black nylon tarp. I'm guessing it'll be like that until they get around to knocking it over.

Here are the various pictures we took of Ground Zero. It was really weird. I wish I could've seen them when they were standing. Yet you could still tell that something was missing.

This is another building that was a little too close to the action.

A close-up of the picture above, notice the HUGE chuck of concrete that's fallen off the building. I can't even imagine the horror of being in this area when the attacks happened.

This was a neat lobby full of palm trees in one of the buildings near Ground Zero.

All over NYC, in the Subways especially, are these really neat mosaics. In some sense they are the only redeeming quality of the public works.

After drying off and waiting for the rain to pass, we headed out for our last night in Times Square.

It's a pretty unique area.

Here I am in Times Square at night.

Kate tries to take a quick picture of me.

This is where they film the David Letterman Show.

Some neat looking buildings along Broadway.

The classic New York handsome cabs.

Kate and I take our own picture.

We try again. Why not? We have a digital camera. We could do this all night!

This was what the inside of our room looked like. Pretty standard.

On to the last day!

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