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New York City Trip

Kate and I drove to NYC and these are some of the views as we approached it. Now it only took us about 3 1/2 hours to drive there, but that was early on a Saturday. Supposedly driving there on a weekday is sheer hell.

This is the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. Fortunately our hotel was located less than 2 blocks from the exit of the tunnel. I quake at the thought of it being any further.

This was the view from our window in the hotel. Not the greatest view, but the hotel had free parking. That's a really important thing to consider when you drive to NYC.

In addition to being only a few blocks from the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel, we were also onlt about 7 blocks from Times Square. So on the first day when we got there, we decided to explore the area. This is what the area looked like.

Here's Kate in Times Square.

All of the tourist maps made a big deal about the 'Radio City Music Hall.' I don't kow what's so special about it, but we thought we'd better take a picture anyway.

This is where they film such great shows as the "Conan O'Brien Show."

Here we see the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center.

Click on this picture to get a bigger version.

The statue in Rockefeller Center.

Being from Iowa and only really experiencing Washington, DC, I'm used to churches being the tallest buildings around. Not so in NYC. Sometimes the odd contrast between old church and newer, taller building was weird.

This is a fountain built into the wall of the lobby of Trump Tower. If you've been watch the new TV show 'The Apprentice', they show this fountain every now and then. And when someone gets fired on the show, they show a shot of them walking through this nice set of doors. Well, Kate and I were there. And let me just say, it's odd how many different "Trump" buildings there are in Manhattan. I can see how he's a real presence in the city.

A neat church along 5th Ave.

Taxis, taxis, taxis everywhere. It really is the safest way to get around. Kate and I took one back from the Jazz club we visited. The driver was probably the most skilled driver I've ever had the pleasure of riding with. So aggressive and so quick with the lane changes. It was amazing.

We eventually made it all the way to the East side of Manhattan. On this side you can find the UN building and this neat sculpture that sits outside of it.

The UN building in New York.

We sat for a while on the east edge of the island and looked across to the rest of New York City. We never left Manhattan on this trip. There really was no reason to. Here we see one of the 3 or 4 bridges that leave Manhattan for the rest of NYC.

Our view across the river. I think this is Long Island, or at least that's what the big banner on the other side proclaimed.

Kate in front of the Empire State Building.

The big plaque in the Empire State Building. This is where we ended our first day. We didn't go up to the top because the line was really long, it cost way too much, and the air in the Empire State Building made Kate and I sick. I don't know why, but all the while we were there, we found the fresh air of the outside much better than the stuffy air inside. After leaving the Empire State Building, we crashed back at the hotel for a while, then went out to a Jazz club that had been reccommended to us.

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