My Thoughts on Copyright Infringment

Almost all of the images that I have made backgrounds out of do not originally belong to me. Nevertheless, I have tried to supply plenty of links to the pages I retrieved these images from. Further I am not in any way making a profit off of their pictures, nor did I pay for the pictures initially. These pictures where in the public domain and I have, in a sense, left them there. In addition, the links I've supplied probably have positive benefits to any of those who control websites from which I may have used materials. As for innnocent visitor to my webpage, feel free to download anything you want off my site. It's all free for the taking. If you have any problems or concerns, please sign my guestbook.

Calling Images from Another Server

Please DO NOT call images (or any other materials) from the errthum.com server from within any html tags you may create for another page or site. Calling images from a remote server is called "hotlinking" anduses up bandwidth on that remote server, and most servers (errthum.com included) have only a finite amount of bandwidth allotted per month. If you wish to display an image on your webpage, please download it to your server. Creating links to the material on my website is still highly acceptable (in fact, encouraged), but calling them out in the html of another page is highly frowned upon. Failure to comply may (without warning) result in the image disappearing and/or being turned into something pornographic. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! For more information on hotlinking, see this page. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please sign my guestbook.

Thank you, and enjoy the backgrounds!